As I am writing this, it is the year 2018. If one could stop and take an introspective look through the course of history, its almost inconceivable that humanity has evolved from its infancy to what it has created today. Today marks the greatest time in human history. It is the advent of a technological age, the likes of which has seen rapid improvements in every sector of human flourishing. Today marks the golden age of agriculture, in the form of industrialized farming. The most contentious problem that has dawned mankind through the millennia has relatively been mitigated. There are fewer people around the world hungry than ever before. Global extreme poverty has been reduced by half since 1990. 

There is no question that today marks the greatest time for the development of human well being. But as the question for how to survive as subsided, a new, more damning question has emerged: survival for what? In the United Kingdom, suicide has emerged as the biggest killer of young men under the age of 45. In America, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death overall, and 2nd leading cause among adolescents (10-34). Among adolescents aged 12-17, the prevalence between a 12 month period of major depressive episodes has increased by 37% since 2005. The rate that which teenage boys kill themselves is 31% higher than that of 10 years ago. The rate of suicide by teenage girls has doubled since 10 years ago. The question is why? 

Humankind, especially in the Western world, is living in the most prosperous period of historical existence. However, young people are killing themselves more than ever before. People today have the means to live well, but no meaning to live for. 

The question remains: why?

This blogs seeks to explore the very fundamental questions of existence. One particular perversion in contemporary culture that has ostracized a developing generation in the ability to find purpose and fulfillment in their lives. While nobody can give you the answers to illuminate which road to take, philosophy can help you develop the ability to think critically and affirmatively about what the good life entails, for you.  





Ethics is a fundamental branch of philosophy. One that has found its roots in early Greek tradition. What is the human being? How do we live virtuously? Is virtue something humans can aspire to? What is the good life? Ethics is concerned with the questions of how individuals ought to act, creating a life well lived and worth living. We will explore what philosophers have sought to be the highest good attainable to man, and the virtues and lessons in the eternal quest towards meaning, or lack thereof.



'We live in a society'. Ah a quote so resoundingly profound that I've contemplated it for months on end. No seriously, humans are inherent social animals. We are always looking for a tribe that shares our commonalities and principles. The most fundamental authority on tribes, government, plays a intrinsically momentous role in structuring what society should value, and how individuals can endeavor towards the goals they aspire towards. Here, we explore topics from free speech to economic policy.



I too, am still undergoing a constantly evolving process of learning and shaping a life well lived. Here consists of some reflections and amusing tidbits that have caught my attention as I continue throughout this life. Additionally, pop culture is an increasingly important aspect of leisure and enjoyment. Taking the philosophical elements of the popular shows or movies can be an important function in incorporating relatable ideas and introduceing them to our own thinking.